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Out Of The Blue

May 28, 2020

Dr. Sandy Buchman, President of the Canadian Medical Association joins us on Out of the Blue to discuss the social determinants of health and how they relate to people experiencing homelessness and what he hopes we can learn from these challenging times of Covid19




May 21, 2020

Australia has leading the way on homelessness prevention for years with the introduction of the Upstream project. Dr. David Mackenzie joins on the Out of Blue podcast to talk about his ground breaking work that is being duplicated across the world

May 15, 2020

While the pandemic has hit everyone hard, it has hit our nation’s most vulnerable the hardest.  The talented, hard working and respected CEO of the Fred Victor Centre, Keith Hambly joins us on Out of the Blue to talk about how his team and the sector in the City of Toronto have rallied hard to make sure...

May 14, 2020

If we are to truly to prevent and end homelessness in Canada, we need to tell the stories of the people living through it.  Journalist and former Toronto Star reporter, Emily Mathieu joins us on Out of the Blue to talk about her years writing about homelessness and housing policy, and the stories that have stuck with...

May 12, 2020

While there are many people doing wonderful things to help our country’s most vulnerable during this pandemic, 20 year old Leah Denbok is using her gifts as a very talented photographer to make sure people experiencing homelessness are not forgotten.  Join us on this very special episode of Out of the Blue to hear her...